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Evo-stik Gripfill is a multi-purpose, high-strength gap filling adhesive. It’s suitable for interior and exterior use (provided the bond is covered) and is specially formulated to stick a wide range of building materials.


Evo-stik Gripfill is specially formulated to bond a large variety of materials such as: plywood, blockboard, chipboard, hardboard, laminated plastics, rigid uPVC, rigid PU insulation materials, metal sheeting (including aluminum, steel, galvanized iron, tin plate and nonferrous metals) to each other (as long as one surface is porous) or to brick, stone, breeze block, sand/cement screeds, concrete, plaster, plasterboard and insulation boards. It is suitable for bonding aluminium and uPVC stair nosings, carpet edging strips, carpet grippers, building boards, timber battens, to stairs, floor boards and walls. For bonding wall signs, window frames, sink units, fitted furniture (including light fittings) to a variety of surfaces; in the building of home extensions. 


All surfaces should be clean, dry and dust free. Fix the cartridge into the extruder. Cut the nozzle to the desired width and angle and push a nail through the nozzle to break the seal at the base. Best results are achieved by applying beads of Evo-stik Gripfill onto one surface only. Apply a 6mm diameter “zig-zag” bead along the length of the item to be bonded. On large panels apply bead around the edge and across the panel at approximately 400mm intervals. Then using a twisting action, press the other surface into position to maximize surface contact and grab. Press surfaces together firmly for 30 seconds. Some support may be necessary for up to 24 hours. Cold, damp conditions or thick layers of adhesive will greatly extend drying times


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