Idealseal B1 Rated Fire Retardant Gun Foam 700ml x 12

Idealseal B1 Rated Fire Retardant Gun Foam 700ml x 12

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Idealseal FR Gun Foam is a high specification, multi-use, B1 rated fire retardant polyurethane foam. When applied in combination with the Idealseal Firecheck range achieves up to 4 hours fire resistance. When applied separately, up to 2 hours fire resistance. Tested to EN1366-4.


Idealseal B1 Rated FR Gun Foam is suitable for filling, fixing, insulating and backing applications where advanced fire security standards are required. Applications include: filling large irregular or awkward gaps; fixing window frames, loose tiles and boards; insulating between brickwork and cladding, around ductwork and through cavities carrying pipes and cables; and as a backing material in all types of sealant applications. Idealseal FR Gun Foam is compatible with wood, brick, concrete, masonry, metal and most plastics.


Remove cap, hold can upright and fix onto applicator gun. Shake the can intensively at
least 30 times prior to use. To apply foam, turn the can upside down.

Filling: Half fill the cavity and lightly spray the foam with water. The foam will expand to fill the rest.

Fixing: When fixing window frames use wedges to hold the frame in place until the foam is fully cured - approximately 24 hours.


Idealseal B1 Rated Fire Retardant Gun Foam Technical Datasheet

Idealseal B1 Rated Fire Retardant Gun Foam MSDS

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