Siroflex Flameguard B1 Fire Retardant Gun Foam

Siroflex Flameguard B1 Fire Retardant Gun Foam 700ml x 12

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Siroflex Flameguard B1 Fire Retardant Expanding Foam is a one component fire retardant insulation and construction foam developed to make a fire retardant seal between masonry joints. It expands up to 30 times its original volume and is quick drying. Flame resistant only in between solid mineral or metal construction materials - gap depth and width a maximum of 40mm. Certified by MPA Bau Hannover ABP-No-P-NDS04-349. Fire resistance class E1 180-V-X-F-W 10-50* as per classification report 3.2/10-052-2 acc. to DIN EN 1366-4 in combination with DIN 13501-2. Certified by MfPA Leipzig GmbH. The product has been tested according to the Dutch NEN6069:1997-norm to meet special fire resistance in building systems (related to European norm EN1366-4). *Joint structure: compressed mineral wool at the side facing the fire space (width 200mm, depth 100mm) and B1 foam at the far fire space side (depth 100mm).


Siroflex Flameguard B1 Fire Retardant Expanding Foam is ideal for sealing joints between separation walls, ceilings and floors. Joints around transits of wires and piping through walls and floors. Perimeter joints around window and door frames.


Before apply your expanding foam ensure the surface is clean and dust free. Shake filler well at least 20 times, if applicable fix applicator gun ensure threats are lined up, to regulate flow loosen valve at the back of the handle.

FILLING- Half fill cavity and lightly spray with water.

FIXING- use wedges hold frame in place until fully cured approx 24 hours.


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