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Bostik FP404 Fire Retardant Gun Foam 750ml x 12

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Bostik FP404 Fire Retardant Gun Foam is a 1-component fire resistant polyurethane foam which offers a fire resistance of up to 120 minutes. When used in combination with Idealseal Firecheck products, Bostik FP404 Fire Retardant Gun Foam reaches up to 240 minutes of fire resistance. It is formulated to offer high thermal and acoustic insulation with very good adhesion to the majority of surfaces.


Bostik FP404 Fire Retardant Gun Foam is suitable for filling, fixing, insulating and backing applications in the general construction industry where a B1 fire rating is required. Applications include: filling large irregular or awkward gaps; fixing window frames, loose tiles and boards; insulating between brickwork and cladding, around ductwork and through cavities carrying pipes and cables; and as a backing material in all types of sealant applications. Bostik FP404 Fire Retardant Gun Foam is compatible with wood, brick, concrete, masonry, metal and most plastics.


Canister temperature: + 5°C to + 30°C (although +15°C to + 25°C is recommended) Application temperature (applies to environment and substrates): + 5°C to + 35°C (recommended + 15°C to + 25°C). Hold the canister with the valve turned upwards and affix an applicator gun with NBS thread to the canister. We recommend a NBS Gold (see instructions in the gun box). Shake the canister vigorously prior to use at least 30 times. Turn canister upside down and apply the foam. To regulate the flow of the foam, loosen the valve at the back of the handle. Half fill the cavity and, in case of low humidity, lightly spray the foam with water. The foam will expand to fill the rest. Protect eyes, wear gloves and protective gear. Floorcovering and furniture to be covered with paper or plastic foil. Joints wider and deeper than 4cm should be filled in multiple layers. Wait 15-30 minutes between applications. Before each application lightly spray with water.


Bostik FP404 Fire Retardant PU Gun Foam Technical Datasheet

Bostik FP404 Fire Retardant PU Gun Foam MSDS

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