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Den Braven Silicone NO Manhattan Grey Silicone Sealant 310ml

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Zwaluw Silicone-NO Colours is a versatile neutral silicone sealant for sanitary, building, glazing and façade joints which cures under influence of humidity to form a durable elastic rubber. Benefits:

  • Neutral curing, almost odourless
  • Perfect adhesion without primer to most substrates
  • UV, water and weather resistant
  • Non corrosive towards metals
  • Mould resistant


    Zwaluw Silicone-NO Colours was specifically developed for durable elastic sealing of connection and expansion joints in concrete, brickwork, curtain wall constructions, glazing systems, kitchens, bathrooms and showers and for industrial applications.


    Surfaces must be dry and dust free. Cut the cartridge seal and screw on nozzle which should be cut to required size. Gun the sealant firmly into joint ensuring no air is trapped behind. If required place masking tape along joint edges, removing within 5 minutes of application.

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